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Ancestral medicine and RoN - second episode of the podcast

This time our facilitator Quetza Ramirez was interviewing Vivian Camacho – General Director of Traditional Medicine at the Ministry of Health and Sports in the Plurinational State of Bolivia! The main theme of the episode was the relatioship between the Rights of Nature and Ancestral Medicine.

Click here to see the latest “podcast” episode in the form of Instagram live.

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Eco Jurisprudence Monitor - info session

On May 14th, we held an online info-session introducing the Eco Jurisprudence Monitor, an interactive online platform that compiles ecological jurisprudence initiatives globally. The director of the monitor, Cat Haas, demonstrated how to use this tool to start your own Rights of Nature initiative.

Click on the link below to start using Eco Jurisprudence Monitor and get to know the RoN initiatives from all over the world.

Eco Jurisprudence Monitor

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Earth Day webinar

On April 22nd, a webinar titled “Earth Day: Intergenerational Dialogue on Nature Rights & Ecocide Law” took place. The event was co-organised by GARN Youth Hub and Youth for Ecocide Law. During the event our communication facilitator Quetza Ramirez and founder of Garn Youth Hub Rafaela Iturralde shared their perspectives, thoughts and knowledge on Rights of Nature and the importance od indigenous peoples’ rights in the process of RoN recognition.

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First episode of GARN YouthHub podcast

On March 26th 2024, our communication facilitator Quetza Ramirez hosted the first ‘podcast series’ with our advisor Somabha Bandopadhay. This dialogue touched upon what is the GARN Youth Hub and the overall GARN Global community including an introduction to the RoN movement. If you are interested in this episode, you can click on the link below.

First episode of our podcast – link

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YEHRDS Training

GARN Youth Hub and Asia-Pacific Hub collaborated with the UN Youth Advisory Group for Asia Pacific for climate justice and established YECAP in co-organizing a 2-hour program on the Security and Protection of Environmental Human Rights Defenders this July.

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Campus Ambassador Program

Our Campus Ambassador Program kicked off during the Summer 2023 with a few sessions that took place over Zoom. We wanted to empower students and youth through education to take action in their communities on Rights of Nature issues.

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Peat Fest 2022

GARN Youth Hub participated in Re-Peat’s 2022 Peat-Fest: “Rights of Peatlands” that was from 30th August – 4th September. We held a panel discussion with two of our facilitators Lauren Tarr, Somabha Bandopadhay, and Natalia Greene. The lecture focused on the ways we’ve seen Rights of Nature implemented across the world as well as tribunal visits.
We followed up a workshop where we broke into groups to analyze and compare policies to see if they had elements of Rights of Nature in them as well as methods of applying them to peatlands. You can watch the event by going to GARN Global’s YouTube!
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Conversation with Craig M. Kauffman and Pamela L. Martin

On February 3rd, 2022 at 10 am EST, we are holding a hub-wide book discussion with the authors of Politics of Rights of Nature: Strategies for Building a More Sustainable Future.

This discussion will begin with some questions created by the book club members then will open the floor to the live audience. The book itself takes a look at Rights of Nature from a political science background where they look at the history of RoN and how the laws have been implemented.

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Who Speaks for nature Conference

As we fight to address an overwhelming array of environmental and social injustice, we constantly come up against the same challenge – power is in the wrong hands. Those most affected by harmful decisions have little to no ‘say’ in making them. Their voices are ignored, or they have no voice at all. 

On Saturday, April 24th, 2021 the free, online conference about the Rights of Nature movement was held. Here we tried to answer the questions:

  • what is the Rights of Nature?
  • how does Rights of Nature intersects with other environmental and social movements?

  • how does Rights of Nature create the fundamental change needed to restore balance with Nature and each other?

Find out more
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IUCN Global Youth Summit

Earth Law Center in partnership with the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature (GARN) Youth Hub led two sessions on Rights of Nature and future generations during the first IUCN Global Youth Summit held virtually between the 6-16 of april, 2021.

The first session provided an overview of the Rights of Nature movement and the different applications seen worldwide, including specific approaches from the USA, Colombia and India, and ending with an intersectionality section. During the first session, the audience was able to reflect through a miro board which was then used to guide the workshop during the second session.

The workshop included a reflection on international convention statutes and a dialogue on pledges that youth can make to uphold the Rights of Nature values in their own circles. We also reflected on our tasks to the IUCN in terms of considering the Rights of Nature in their decision-making procedures. These sessions resulted in the Rights of Nature Youth declaration.

Read the full Declaration
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Invisible Hand Movie Screening

On March 13th 2021, ten organizations around the globe presented a Youth International Screening of the award-winning Rights of Nature documentary, INVISIBLE HAND, from Executive Producer Mark Ruffalo and Directors Joshua Boaz Pribanic and Melissa Troutman. 

The Youth International Screening event was presented by: Greenpeace, GARN Youth Hub, Earth Advocacy Youth, Youth Vs. Apocalypse, Center for Native American Youth, Whiteswan Environmental, Polluters Out, Great Plains Action Society, OtherWise Wageningen, Earth Law Center, and hosted by Public Herald Studios on behalf of The Pearl Remote Democractic High School. Part of proceeds are going to The Pearl scholarship where students benefit from being part of a dynamic international learning community while being supported by mentors, educators, and professionals.

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